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Group News

Here, we list major events in the group since our founding in 2020.

January 2022, Congrats to Yan Chao for his graduation from NUS! 

August 2021, Yaqi joined the group as a postdoc. Iskandar, Changxing, and Jet Tan joined the group as Final Year Project Students. Caiwei joins us as a masters student. Chaolong and Liu Tao join us as PhD students in the NUS-TJU program, and Yukun and Panpan join us as PhD students.

April 2021, Farewell to Gamze, good luck in Australia!

January 2020, Tianyu and Yan Chao have joined the group as masters students.

November 2020, Finally, the permanent lab space is commissioned in building E8!

August 2020, Welcome to Final Year Project Students and Interns: Joshua, Valerie, Ming Xuan, Jordan, Fong, Yuejuan, and Ting Xuan. Welcome to Chunyang as a Masters student. Welcome to Wang Xin and Guangxin as joint PhD students.

July 2020, Gamze has joined the group as our first postdoc.

March 2020, Navneeth has joined the group as an undergraduate intern.

January 2020, A.B. Wong group is established, Andrew and Fei Yu join NUS!